10 octobre 2019

AccorHotels Arena Paris

Lea LaSalla


Astral AR


Leah LaSall, aCEO / Technical Founder, Astral AR, LLC

Leah La Salla is a self-taught, polyglot software architect who programs in 11 languages. She is the technical founder & CEO of Astral AR, and the inventor of the world's most advanced drone piloting system.

La Salla's quadcopter UAVs are programmed to be controlled with the mind, no joystick/tablet required. Astral AR also holds proprietary patents on aeronautical safety tech such as autonomous collision aversion - as well as Predictable Probable Cause™. Specifically created for lifesaving and public safety purposes - La Salla's drone tools achieve the feats of stopping bullets, covering expansively wide and impossibly narrow areas, and entering places unsafe for humans due to extreme temperatures, unsafe radiation levels, or dangerously remote locations.

Remarkably, Astral AR is the only U.S. owned and operated drone tech company that stores its data on U.S. servers in compliance with the new cyber security standards of the Dept. of Justice which informs funding of all DHS, FEMA, and National Guard emergency & disaster management.

La Salla's company Astral AR has attracted early investors who believe in them - and a diverse team of early employees ranging in age from early 30s to early 60s.

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